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TLBU Mission Projects

TLBU Graduate School of Law in Seoul has produced more than 500 Master of Laws and SJD students since its establishment in 2001.  Having been selected among the young talented law-trained students in East Asian countries, not only they cultivated their academic excellence but they also refined their individual values as a future global leader through their study at TLBU. The core of our education, nevertheless, is to devote themselves to our sacred mission for regional cooperation and world peace.

    While over 500 hundred strong TLBU alumni and family members, ubiquitous in various countries, are already working towards achieving the mission, mainly in East Asian Countries, by occupying significant positions in their respective native land, our crème de la creme members are devoting themselves with passion to the development of TLBU system around the world, especially in the US and Europe.

    With the establishment of the foundations in New York and New Jersey Area and Washington D.C. and the purchases of business and educational properties in those areas, TLBU system has laid a solid foundation to leap forward into the future. These devoted members with strong passion and will to lead TLBU system into the next level, have been selected to make our solemn mission alive for the generations to come.

I. Members of TLBU Mission Projects
    For Example: Actually working members in TLBU Global System :
    WANG Ya,  XU Mingyang, Yang Lei, Monirith, Khieng, Fu Chao, Peng Shangyue, etc

II. Three Goals of TLBU Mission Projects
    1) East Asian Regional Cooperation.
    2) International Cooperation and World peace: Friendship and Cooperation between East Asia and Europe, between East Asia and USA through educational exchange programs
    3) Individual Achievement of TLBU Mission by TLBU Members (Caring of their parents and home towns through individual achievement of the Members)

III. Three steps of TLBU Development
    1) TLBU Graduate School in Seoul and TLBU Global School and other Educational Institutes
    2) TLBU Global System in Washington DC and NY, NJ Area and in Paris (Self-reliant financial system)
       A. Autonomous Financial System: Washington DC, and NY-NJ Area
            We have already established financially self–reliant system.
       B. TLBU in Paris will sell the campus and purchase one hotel and restaurant in nearby Paris very soon for this purpose.
       C. TLBU Foundation Offices: We have already established in Washington DC, NY-NJ Area, and Paris.
       D. TLBU International Trading Company in Washington DC, NY-NJ, Paris and Seoul in 2013, beginning with East Asian Tea & Gift Shop.
       E. TLBU international law firms in Washington DC, NY-NJ, Paris and Seoul in 2014-2015.

    3) TLBU Mission Projects in Members’ Home Towns beginning from 2013

IV. TLBU Mission Project Partners
    1) Concept : Members who promote TLBU Mission Projects in their home towns in cooperation of TLBU Global System, and the quality conditions thereof  and the admission thereto are to be determined through strict screening  procedure. Firstly, we begin with actual working members in TLBU Global System in Washington DC, NY-NJ Area, Paris and Seoul.
    2) TLBU – WANGYA Scholarship and TLBU –PENGSHANGYUE Scholarship: To promote TLBU Mission Projects in hometown of members from 2013, TLBU Foundation cooperates with Wang Ya and PENG Shangyue  to prepare TLBU- WANGYA Scholarship, TLBU-PENGSHANGYUE Scholarship. To begin with, the first installment of scholarship fund has been provided to President of CUPL, which will be used to grant yearly 3,000 RNB to each of 5 students, at least two of which are from WANG or PENG’s Home Province. 
    3) Next year and years after that : We may increase this kind of scholarship year after year. 
    4) We encourage some motivated and qualified members to promote international law firm or trading company in connection TLBU Global System.

V. TLBU Mission Projects and TLBU Graduate School Educational program
    1) From 2013 Academic Year, we informally guide students to prepare certain projects in terms of TLBU Mission Projects.
    2) We may carefully screen draft plan of students and provide necessary support to achieve their TLBU Mission Projects
    3) We may help qualified and motivated members to succeed their projects by helping:
        A. How to mobilize the capital to achieve the project
        B. How to link TLBU Global System for their individual law firm or business company.

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