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News Letter

The Follow up of Voluntary Contribution and TLBU Global System : TLBU Weekly News Letter - Infant King Family News, FNN- Monthly DVD program of members life, TLBU Individual Member Fund etc..


Dear My Children


Since we achieved successfully the fist Voluntary Contribution Campaign of TLBU Community in China, and many members express their strong determination to continue their annual voluntary contribution,  and we will develop TLBU Global System and TLBU Global Projects for TLBU Mission based on this strong unity and cooperation of TLBU Community. For this we will publish weekly or bi-weekly TLBU News Letter Infant King Family News. All of you are editing members of this news letter. Some coordinating students for each class will contact you.

If this idea is good, then I will send all motivated members this evening.

Let us pray much for TLBU Mission.

I love all of you.


1.     To make your contribution much meaningful and everlasting in history of TLBU and in our society, I propose the accumulated contribution of our members  to be an  individual fund! For next 10 year, $10K, $100K, $500K, $1M, and more. For example, Peng Shangyue, contributed three time: 100,000 RMB + 10,000 (2009?)  + 30,000 RMB (this time) = 140,000 RMB ( around  22,800$) TLBU- Peng Shangyue Fund, TLBU Chen Li Fund (10,000 RMB+ 5,000$), TLBU Wang Ya Fund . If achieved $10K, then we provide acknowledgement certificate, for example, , and if achieved $100K, then acknowledgement plate.

2.     Even though we spend the money now, I  like to recover the spent money and restore the Fund. For the time being, it should be only blank fund, but we are now beginning trade and other business..  Through this global business, we will strengthen our financial ability and also help our qualified members to be successful in their business.

3.     If it grows up to more than $1M, then the income from this fund will be able to be used  for social charity work: scholarship for their university, high school, senior welfare center,.

4.     If some members fund is too small, then through their close group- Group fund!

5.   We begin to issue weekly TLBU Community News- Infant King Family News

6.   Infant King FNN- Monthly DVD Program of Members life

7.    Through TLBU global system, we plan to help members to develop global trade, global law firm network etc

8.     After some time preparation, we begin TLBU Lifetime GCE class, and provide DVD program to TLBU members.

9.     I found several potential leaders, and I am thinking how to help them to blossom their lives.

1)     Global law firm: If motivated and qualified members want to develop global law firm, we may help the member to link our Washington DC, New York, Paris, Osaka and Seoul.

2)     Global trade company : we already began to export Aloe Vera Juice From Seoul to New Jersey Hotel, and we are now preparing Korean Cosmetics, Ginseng Products., Milk Powder and import some native products. Several members in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and Indonesia are preparing shops!

3)    We welcome some qualified members to join this TLBU Mission Projects , trade and others,  in your home town.

4)     We are now inviting elementary and middle school children from China, Vietnam, Cambodia, to provide Field study in Korea and English Camp, and also artistic field study in Paris, and similar educational field study in USA. Already some members are preparing certain projects to recruit local children.  

Let us pray for TLBU Mission to our Lord.

I love you.



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