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Board of Directors

    LYOU Byung-Hwa[1945.12.11]

    The key concept for the 21st Century is "regional cooperation and global cooperation". has been long striving
    to find an answer for securing global peace and security. As an international law professor he learned the
    importance of regional and global cooperation as the infrastructure of stable peace and prosperity. President
    LYOU served as a diplomat for the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to his appointment as professor of
    international law at Korea University.
    After extensive experience as a diplomat and an international law professor, he was convinced that regional
    cooperation among Asian countries would certainly strengthen them and thus improve their standing within the international
    community, where Asia has thus far not been too concerned. Educating elite students from various parts of Asia would be the
    starting point for Asian development, which President LYOU thinks will open new opportunities.

    Tenure 2013.03.01 ~ 2017.02.28



    KIM, Chae-Hyoung[1957.05.09]

    Professor of Pukyoung University.

    Tenure 2015.01.12 ~ 2019.01.11




    CHUNG, Young-Hwan[1960.04.24]

    Serving as a judge in Korean court for over 15 years, has extensive understanding of the Korean
    legal system, and based on that he is now giving lectures to law students at Korea University as a
    professor of law. Prof. CHUNG is also a visionary seeking to establish a ground for regional
    cooperation and world peace through the joint education of top-notch students from Asia. He now
    shares the common objective to further improve and d
    evelop the grand plan of TLBU project as a member of board of directors at TLBU.


    Tenure 2012.10.26 ~ 2016.10.25

    KIM Yong Chul[1959.03.03]


    Public Accountant Master's of Business Management Degree, Seoul National University.

    Tenure 2013.06.03~ 2015.06.02


    KIM Mi-Haeng[1965.01.15]

Is a member of the TLBU Board of Directors, and is also the managing director of the TLBU
    International Studies Institute. She is gifted with a natural talent for marketing and community
    relations. In her role as managing director of the TLBU International Studies Institute, she has
    been vital to the development of several key programs which financially support the Graduate
    School of Law in Seoul. Regarded by many as a genius in the areas of management and
    marketing, her tireless devotion to the TLBU mission and countless contributions have made
    Director Kim a true inspiration for the entire TLBU community. Before coming to TLBU, she was
    a longtime university lecturer for sculpture. Director Kim is a devoted Christian, and also the
    mother of two lovely children.


    Tenure 2014.04.03 ~ 2018.04.02

     LEE Sang-Kyu [1968.12.21]

    B.A. Degree in Computer Science, College of Engineering, Dongkuk University,
    Tenure 2011.03.19~ 2015.03.18


    JIA Ying[1976.07.29]

    Lawyer Master's of Law Degree, TLBU Graduate School of Law in Seoul

    Tenure 2015.01.12 ~ 2019.01.11 



    CHOI Ji Kwang[1965.08.25]

    Public Accountant Undergraduate Degree in Business Management, Sogang University.

    Tenure 2011.06.03~ 2015.06.02



    IM, Chun-Teack[1960.03.24]

    Lawyer Ph.D. degree, KOREA University.
    Tenure 2013.06.03 ~ 2015.06.02




    YANG Jin-young[1965.10.06]

    Lawyer Ph.D. degree, KOREA University.
    Tenure 2015.01.12 ~ 2019.01.11



    KIM Mi-sung[1946.02.24]

    TLBU Global School Principal, Ehwa Womans University.
    Tenure 2015.01.12 ~ 2019.01.11 


    KIM Sang-ku[1945.04.30] 

    Hongik University Graduate School

    Tenure 2015.01.12 ~ 2019.01.11

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