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Presidential Address
particularly, Ambassador Park Won Hwa, Chinese Counselor Ai Honger, Myanmar Minister Counselor , Laotian counselor and other diplomats, and Members of TLBU Community, Parents of Students, and Graduate Students, particularly those students who are conferred the Master of Laws degree.

Today we are celebrating the most important event of TLBU annual programs, the 2010 commencement ceremony. First of all, we congratulate our graduating students and their parents with all our heart for their meaningful achievement over the last two years. This is not only the individual achievement of graduating students, but also the precious harvest of all TLBU Community members. At this occasion we also appreciate the devotion of our professors, teachers, students and staffs for this important harvest.

Since last two years we have experienced the most difficult global economic depression, and we have shared the most difficult time together.


Dear Graduate students,

Thanks to your patient dedication and sacrifice, thanks to your special care of our TLBU Community including the care of global school children and English camp children, we could survive the most terrible global economic depressions which terrified so many commercial giants and so many people all over the world. During the terrible trial of two years, you have never expressed any complain and rather you have encouraged me, my dear senior and junior graduate students. You are truly my children and I am so proud of you. At this occasion, I also appreciate members of TLBU Communities in Beijing, Paris and Washington for their patient and selfless devotion for TLBU Mission despites very difficult financial situation.
Over the last two years, you have successfully learned transnational legal programs of TLBU, including special field study in Beijing and Europe, and also field study for international organizations in Geneva, field study for international courts in Hague and field study for European Community system in Brussels. Through TLBU academic programs, I believe that you completed the basic training for the global leader.

However I believe that the most precious educational program of TLBU is that of personal virtue and character. To be a great leader, in addition to the intellectual and academic ability, you need also strong support of your people and society. Only with your selfless love and sacrifice, you can get strong support of your people and society. For this you are already accustomed to the precious words of TLBU Alma mater in connection of the quality of the great leader. In other words, you should be an instrument of peace and you should sow love and hope where there is hatred and despair. You also know that it is in giving that we receive, and it is in dying that we are born to new life.


My dear children,

TLBU Mission is to implement your love toward your parents and your people in your society. If you really love your parents and your people, you should make your parents and your people much happy, peaceful and prosperous. To achieve this TLBU Mission, firstly you should achieve your individual big success, and then you should cooperate together with other members of TLBU and TLBU Community itself. Through your individual success and cooperation, we can make our society as very prosperous, dignified, and wonderful society.

Since I have devoted my whole life to prepare the basic infrastructure of TLBU Mission, now you should develop main content of TLBU Mission. As I strongly believe that you can achieve successfully TLBU Mission, you are my dream, and you are my future and you are my new life. I know that you live up to my expectation and make my dream come true. In other words, I will be born again in your young and dynamic and everlasting life through TLBU mission. In this sense, TLBU mission should be a divine mission.
Now you are returning to your parents and your home society. But wherever you may go, TLBU is always your home under the protection of our Patron Founder, Infant Jesus King. Wherever you may be, you are always precious children in my heart. Through TLBU Mission, we love each other and one another, very much, forever and forever. God bless you.


Seoul, 25 June 2010.

LYOU Byung-Hwa
TLBU Graduate School of Law in Seoul

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