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TLBU History

2012 History_____

Dec. 8, 2012 TLBU & EAC 25th year Commemoration Ceremony

Sep. 27, 2012 Welcoming Ceremony for New Students

Aug. 15, 2012 TLBU Foundation in Washington DC established

June. 25, 2012 Commencement Ceremony

May, 2012 TLBU Foundation in New York and New Jersey established


Dec. 8, 2011 TLBU & EAC 24th year Commemoration Ceremony

Sep. 24, 2011 Welcoming Ceremony for New Students

   June. 25, 2011 Commencement Ceremony

March, 2011 First Ph.D Degree Awards


Dec. 8, 2010 TLBU & EAC 23rd year Commemoration Ceremony

Sep. 17, 2010 Welcoming Ceremony for New Students

June. 25, 2010 Commencement Ceremony

Feb. 2010 First Graduation Ceremony for TLBU Global School Middle Students

2009 History_____

Dec. 2009 TLBU & EAC 22nd year Commemoration Ceremony

Sep. 26, 2009 Welcoming Ceremony for New Students

Feb. 2009 First Graduation Ceremony for TLBU Global School Elementary Students


Dec. 2008 TLBU & EAC 21st year Commemoration Ceremony
Aug. 2008  Completed construction of Global School accessory buildings
Aug. 4, 2008  First U.S. Law School Education for doctoral course students
Mar. 19, 2008  First Opening Ceremony for Global School
Feb. 5, 2008  TLBU Global School officially accredited
Jan. 5, 2008  Approval received for establishment of TLBU Global School
Jan. 3, 2008  Completed construction of main Global School building
2007 History_____
Dec. 8, 2007  TLBU & EAC 20th year Commemoration Ceremony
Nov. 30, 2007  New Paris Campus purchased
Jun. 2007  Renaming of TLBS Foundation to EAC (East Asian Center)
2006 History_____
Dec. 8, 2006  TLBU & TLBS 19th year Commemoration Ceremony
Sep. 2006  Doctoral students registered to the doctoral program of Paris University
Mar. 2006  Dispatched doctoral students to Paris
2005 History_____
Aug. 1, 2005  Entered into a Listing Agreement on property in MD, U.S.A. with Michael Company
2004 History_____
Sep. 2004  Inaugurated the Doctoral Degree course
2003 History_____
Oct. 2003  Established TLBU Office in Beijing
Jun. 25, 2003First Commencement Ceremony for Master's Degree students and ELMP, TLBU Graduate School of
Law in Seoul
2002 History_____
Dec. 8, 2002  TLBU & TLBS 15th Year Commemoration Ceremony
Oct. 7~Nov. 4, 2002  First TLBU Field Studies in Paris for TLBU Graduate Students
May. 2002  TLBU ELMP Field Studies
Feb. 2002  Establishment of TLBU Institute in Paris
2001 History_____
Oct. 25, 2001  Establishment of TLBU Foundation Inc. to establish TLBU Law School in Maryland, U.S.A. approved
Sep. 8, 2001  Opening Ceremony (Fall Semester), TLBU Graduate School of Law in Seoul
Jul. 22, 2001  First TLBU English Camp Opening Ceremony
Mar.19, 2001  First Opening Ceremony for TLBU Executive Law & Management Program (ELMP)
Mar. 3, 2001  First TLBU Opening Ceremony
Jan. 7, 2001  Establishment of the TLBU International Studies Institute approved
2000 History_____
Dec. 27, 2000  Establishment of the TLBU Graduate School of Law in Seoul approved.
Oct. 23, 2000  Completed construction of Graduate School building
1999 History_____
May. 27, 1999  Began construction of Graduate School building
Mar. 1999  Signed cooperation treaty with CUPL (China University of Political Science and Law)
1998 History_____
Oct. 14, 1998  Establishment of the TLBU Educational Foundation approved
1996 History_____
Nov. 1996  The site for TLBU Graduate School of Law in Seoul purchased
1993 History_____
Feb. 1993  TLBS transferred to Gunja-Dong Building
1988 History_____
May. 1988  Established TLBS Foundation (Pyungchang-Dong, Seoul)
Dec. 8, 1987  Constitutional Conference for the establishment of TLBS(to prepare TLBU)

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