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Regulations & Policies



TLBU is a very special university, which emphasizes the development of future leaders. One must know how to follow before one can lead. In this sense, as a future leader, every student is expected to exercise good judgment and discipline while studying and living at TLBU. The following regulations are so served as a guide for every student to abide by.


1.      Language Environment. The official language of TLBU is English. All students MUST use English at ALL times. Using of respective national languages should be strictly limited in all areas.

2.      Self-discipline. Students are supposed to abide by rules and manage students’ affairs based on self-discipline principle.

3.      Conservation of Resources. Heating, air conditioning, lighting, water, and other utilities should be used properly and efficiently. Conscientious efforts made by all have a large impact on the overall cost of student services. This ideal should be applied to all resources including copy machines, printer, internet traffic, elevator, and all other university services.

4.      Honor & Integrity. Respecting others property, abiding by rules of consideration, and maintaining a positive environment of honesty and trustworthiness – these are the foundations of all TLBU rules. Students should keep these principles in mind not only with their behavior but also with their appearance in public areas.

5.      Sound Systems & Projectors. All sound systems and projectors can be operated by authorized person only.

6.      Curfew. All students should arrive back in the campus by 11 p.m.

All students are expected to live on campus daily. Any overnight absence must first be reported and approved from the Academic affairs office.

7.      Tobacco & Alcohol. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of TLBU building. Generally, Drinking alcoholic beverage is also prohibited in TLBU building. However, students could get permission to drink alcoholic beverage from Academic affairs office in advance in when needed on special occasions.

8.      Neatness of Campus. Cleaning TLBU campus on a regular basis is strongly encouraged.

9.      Authorities of Students’ Affairs. Academic Affairs Office and Supervisor Office are the authorities to handle Academic Affairs.


TLBU library consists of two parts – reference room and reading room – in Y.H. Hall. The library is not a forum for discussion or group study. Conversation is strictly prohibited. Any other kind of distracting noise will not be permitted. We ask that all students abide by the following library rules:

§ 2. 1 Reference Room

1.      Check-out. All books on loan from the reference room must first be checked out by the librarian.

2.      Circulation. Each student is entitled to borrow three books from the reference room at one time and to keep each book for up to one week. However, you may choose to renew the books upon the day due to return. All books should be returned on time.

3.      Exception. In some cases, for better circulation, the librarians may exclude certain books in high demand from borrowing or renewal service among students in need.

4.      Student Honor Code. A student shall not steal, deface, destroy, or otherwise misuse reference room and other TLBU books, materials, or equipment.

A.     It is a violation of this rule for a student to hide or otherwise make TLBU materials unavailable to other students in order to put others at a disadvantage in performing a TLBU assignment.

B.     It is a violation of this rule for a student to use a TLBU computer or a research terminal for work undertaken in the course of outside employment or for other non-academic purposes.

5.      Foods and Beverages. No foods or drinks are permitted in the reference room. You will be asked to leave the reference room if you bring food or drink into reference room. Food and drink can damage library materials and attract unwanted pests. Most library materials are extremely expensive to replace. We appreciate your cooperation.

6.      Penalties.

ü  Be aware that underlining book or destroying book intentionally, failing to renew or return books in time, fine will be applied, according to the suggestion of the Academic Affair Office.

ü  The amount of fine will be recorded by the librarian and deducted from deposit by General Office.

ü  In case of lost or damaged books, student has to pay an amount equal to the value of the lost or damaged book.

7.      TLBU Librarians’ Duty.

A.       Strictly enforce the circulation rules and library rules; give guidance or assistance for the users;

B.       Renewal the of catalogues and attaching tag on the new books;

C.       Maintaining and supervising printer, copy machine and other equipments of the library;

D.       Other works necessary to maintain the library in good order.

§ 2.2 Reading Room

1.      The reading room is available to TLBU faculties and students. It can be used as a study area only, and may be used on a first-come, first-served basis.

2.      Noise must be kept at a minimum at all times in the reading room. Using any kind of loudspeakers is absolutely prohibited.

3.      In order to maintain nice environment for study, students should keep the reading room clean and tidy. Students are not supposed to keep any unnecessary stuffs or materials in the reading room.

4.      Printers in reading room are for the public use and shall be taken care by all of the users. In principle, printing is not free. Therefore, please, take record the pages you print each time.

5.      Everyone has the right to warn the student who is breaking the rules and might inform Academic Affair Office. Students who frequently and badly break the reading room’s rules will be published acting on suggestion of Academic Affair Office.


1.      Attendance is mandatory required. Be punctual to the class.

2.      Treat everyone and their properties respectfully. Listen and stay seated when someone is speaking, which is basic courtesy to show your respect to others.

3.      Don’t bring food and beverage to the class.

4.      Be ready for the class all the time, and turn assignments in on time.

5.      Keep classroom clean and tidy. After the class, collect all personal stuffs out of the classroom, and arrange chairs, tables orderly.

6.      Do not re-arrange chairs, tables or other stuffs in the class room when using the class room for self-study besides class-time.

7.      Do not use classrooms in fourth, fifth, and sixth floor, in the Y.H. Hall, for self-study.


1.      Computer laboratory is open to all TLBU students use.

2.      Noise must be kept to a minimum at all times in the computer laboratory. Chatting, or using any kind of loudspeakers is prohibited.

3.      Students should keep the computer laboratory clean and tidy. Students are not supposed to keep any unnecessary stuffs or materials in the computer laboratory, which is a food-and-beverage-free area.

4.      Students should use the specific computer assigned to them. Any student found to be abusive or intentionally using the computer facilities for inappropriate reasons will be suspended for using the computer laboratory.

5.  Taking any component parts of computer, or other facilities outside of the computer laboratory is extremely forbidden.

6.  In case a computer is found broken and needed to be fixed, student should directly contact the computer division, instead of fixing it by him/herself.

7.      Chatting room is open for students who would like to chat through internet on a temporary basis. No students shall stay there permanently, and should not occupy the limited resources for a long time. please be considerate of others.


As for management of dormitory building, known as J.U. Hall, students should follow instructions of the Supervisors. Besides, in order to maintain a comfortable, clean and secure living place for every graduate student, all are expected to abide by the following dormitory rules:

§ 5. 1 Dormitory Rules

1.      Regular Life. Everyone is expected to lead a regular life, staying up and getting up late is not consistant with a regular life.

2.      Room Security. Valuables should be kept in a safe place. The dormitory authorities will bear no responsibility for any loss.

3.      Fixtures & Appliances. Repositioning of dormitory furnishing must be approved by the dormitory supervisors. All additional student furnishing (fans, televisions, irons, hairdryers, etc.) must be approved and checked by the dormitory supervisors. Separate heaters, hot pots, electric burners, and gas cookers are absolutely forbidden in the dormitory.

4.      Gender Respect. Absent an emergency, men shall not visit women’s rooms, and women shall not visit men’s rooms. Proper dress and language is also required in all public areas of the dormitory at all times.

5.      Quiet. Any activity that disrupts the peace, quiet, and order of the dormitory is prohibited. Loud conversation, and other excessive noise, especially after 11:30 p.m. is disruptive and violates other students’ right to enjoy peace and quiet in the dormitory. Students are prohibited from using the sound system in the dormitory.

6.      Taboo & Alcohol. Smoking is forbidden in the dormitory building. Consumption of alcoholic beverages will be strictly controlled. Violence and gambling other activities in violation of TLBU rules are strictly forbidden in the dormitory.

7.      Animals. No animals are allowed in the dormitory building.


1.      Be considerate the volume of the TV and loud conversation or cheering in the TV Room.

2.      Students are discouraged from turning TV on after midnight.

3.      Please keep it clean and tidy up everything after using.


1.      Please keep the laundry room as tidy as possible.

2.      Please dry your laundry on the roof of the building except when raining.

3.      Please don’t put the laundry on the iron table, and collect your laundry timely.

4.      Washing machine should not be used after midnight.


1.      Kitchen should be maintained clean at all times. Students who are using it have responsibilities to clean it.

2.      Students who are using the kitchen will be divided into groups to clean the kitchen regularly. The cleaning assignments should be as follow:

-        Clean the table, basin and the floor.

-        Wash and re-arrange all the dishes and cooking stuffs orderly.

-        Clean and check the microwave oven.

-        Clean and check the refrigerator; re-arrange the stuffs in the refrigerator. The students in cleaning duty have the right to throw away all the expired food in the refrigerator and in the kitchen.

-        Inform supervisors if there is any problem with the microwave oven, refrigerator.

-        In case of out of washing detergent, get it from supervisors.

3.      Using microwave oven properly, consult others in case you don’t know how to use it. Keep eyes on your food not to boil over.

4.      Before putting your food into refrigerator, tag your items with your names, and tie up food bag if it smells strongly. Check your food frequently, throw it away if it is ruined.

5.      The cupboards under the washing basin are places for students to put their private cooking stuffs. However, students should arrange their stuffs in good order and clean it regularly.

6.      Respect others properties, and taking others properties away is strictly prohibited.

7.      You can’t use kitchen utensils anywhere only in the kitchen. Also, put them back as they were after you used. Wash and clean the kitchen utensils you home used.

8.      Make sure you pull the plug out after using all the electrical equipment.


1.      All TLBU foodservice is handled by an independent company. Students are not allowed to cook or use any of the cafeteria facilities.

2.      Taking food provided by cafeteria out of cafeteria is strictly prohibited.

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