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Visa Issuance



1.    Student Visa


Sojourn Status : D-2


For more information on visa please visit

Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China :

Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Vietnam :

Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Kingdom of Cambodia :

Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic :

Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Indonesia :



2.    Application Procedure


1)    Application for Chinese Applicants


Step 1

Submit all of the following documents to TLBU(via post)


    Required documents for Step 1(by Students)

-          Copy of passport

-          Color photo (3.5cm X 4.5cm)

-          Copy of both student’s and his/her parent’s Identification Card

-          Certification of latest academic record

-          Official transcript(all semesters)

-          Copy of the Family Register(簿) / Both of a student and his/her parent

-          Copy of the resident registration Card(民證)


    Prepared by TLBU

-          Application for Confirmation of Visa Issuance

-          Certification of Admission

-          Financial Certificate(Certificate of Scholarship)


Step 2

TLBU submits all the required documents to the Immigration Office

(TLBU makes an APPLICATION FOR CONFIRMATION OF VISA ISSUANCE to the Immigration office in order to get the VISA ISSUANCE number on behalf of student)


Step 3

After Immigration Office has reviewed documents, it will issue a CONFIRMATION OF VISA ISSUANCE Number, which TLBU will send it to each student overseas by email.


Step 4

The visa applicant, i.e., each student submits a CONFIRMATION OF VISA ISSUANCE number to a Local Korean Embassy or Consulate in your country along with other documents required, when applying for a visa.


    Required documents for Step 4

-          CONFIRMATION OF VISA ISSUANCE number(that has been emailed to you by TLBU)

-          Passport

-          Application fee



2)    Application for Non-Chinese Applicants


Where to Apply Local Korean Embassy or Consulate


Step 1

TLBU will send following documents to Applicant via post(TLBU Applicant)


    Required documents for step 1(by TLBU)

-          Certificate of Admission

-          Financial Certificate(Certificate of Scholarship)


Step 2

The applicant should apply for visa to the Local Korean Embassy or Consulate with all the documents.


    Required documents(by Students)

-          Application for Visa

-          Certification of Latest academic records

-          Passport

-          Color photo (3.5cm X 4.5cm)

-          Application fee






Failure to promptly send the aforementioned documents will result in the delay of the administrative process for the visa application. We strongly recommend that you send us all the required documents as soon as possible.



3.    Other Notifications


Your correctly spelt name and birth date must match with those shown in your passport or other official documents in your country.

All students must have a valid PASSPORT. If you have not applied for a passport, please do so immediately.

Note that the all documents must be sent to TLBU by indicated date.
You will be responsible for obtaining a student VISA (D-2) from your local Korean Consulate / Embassy.



4.    Contact


TLBU Academic Affairs

Person in charge : KO Hee-Gwan


Phone: 82-31-960-1012~4


# Send your documents To:

English address

Academic Affairs Office

TLBU Graduate School of Law in Seoul

300 Naeyu-dong, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Seoul, 412-751, Korea

Tel: +82-(31)-960-1012~4

Fax: +82-(31)-960-1019


Korean address

우편번호) 412-751 경기도 고양시 덕양구 내유동 300 국제법률경영대학원대학교 교무처


Please refer to following website for further information regarding Visa application.

Quick Link

  • TLBU, 230, Naeyu-gil, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 412-751, Korea
  • Tel : 82-31-960-1001~4 Fax : 82-31-964-7196