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  TLBU Privacy Policy

Transnational Law & Business University (hereafter, the “TLBU”) has established the following policy in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, in order to protect the privacy and interests of its users and to quickly respond to any problems users may encounter in regards to their personal information. Any amendments made to this policy will be publically announced via the notice board of the website (or will be notified individually)

Article 1. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information
TLBU processes the users’ personal information for the following purposes. The processed personal information will not be used for any purposes other than that are stated below. TLBU will be asking for prior consent from the users should any modification be made to the purposes.

A. Provision of Services
TLBU collects personal information to provide various services for introducing the institute, uploading postings on the notice board, providing educational contents and admission-related information, verifying personal identity, issuing certificates (certificate of education), and for course application and payment.

Article 2. Collected Personal Information
(1) TLBU collects the following personal information using the following methods for the provision of various services including membership registration and feedback to various user requests.
A. List of Collected Personal Information
B. Types of Personal Information Collected
  • Information entered in the personal information section by the user when registering as a member of the website
  • Information collected via forms, phone/fax, provided by affiliated institutions, or collected by information generation tools, etc.
C. Method of Collection

Article 3. Retention and Usage Period of Personal Information
Personal information collected in accordance to Article 2 (Collected Personal Information) will be retained and used by the TLBU as follows. Personal information of students attending the Foreign Languages Education Center will be semi-permanently retained and used for personal identification, verifying enrollment, and issuing certificates. Personal information of students attending the TLBU will be self-permanently retained and used to manage educational affairs (enrollment, assessment and graduation) and administrative affairs within the TLBU. The personal information will be destroyed immediately if a user should request to deactivate their account or withdraw their consent to collect and use their personal information.

  • Legal Basis: Management Guideline for International Students (Ministry of Education)
  • Retention Period: Semi-permanent
  • Other Related Regulations: Management Guideline of Personal Information Files for Public Institutions

Article 4. The Right to Refuse and Disadvantages
TLBU collects personal information when the user apply for the TLBU. The collected personal information will be retained for the duration by School Rules. The user may refuse to agree to provide personal information, but this may also limit or student service and Academic service.

Article 5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Party
TLBU in principle, processes the users’ personal information in accordance with the areas stated in Article 1 (Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information) and does not process the information outside the expressly specified range or provide it to third parties without the consent of the user. TLBU, however, may process personal information in the following cases.

  • In cases which the user has agreed to provide and open their personal information to the third party in advance
  • In cases which provision is required by regulations, etc.
  • In cases which personal information is necessary to fulfill a contract related to provision of service
    and when it is conspicuously difficult to receive consent in an ordinary way, due to economic/ technological issues
  • In cases which personal information is processed to make it impossible to identify individuals before usage

Article 6. Entrustment of Personal Information Processing
TLBU does not entrust the processing of personal information without the consent of the user. If any entrustment of personal information processing should become necessary, TLBU will notify the entrusted party, details, period and content of the entrustment (compliance with personal information protection laws, regulation and risks against providing personal information to third party, etc.) on the notice board and through an updated privacy policy. If needed, TLBU will be asking for prior consent.

Article 7. The Data Subject’s Rights and Methods to Exercise the Rights
Users may exercise their rights as data subjects over personal information files retained by TLBU in the following cases, in accordance with Article 35 (Disclosure of Personal Information), Article 36 (Correction and Deletion of Personal Information) and Article 37 (Suspension of Processing Personal Information).
  • In cases which the user or an underage user under the age of 14 wishes to view, edit, or delete their personal information
  • In cases which one should request correction or deletion of errors in one’s personal information.
  • Should the user request to edit or delete errors found in their personal information,
      the information will not be used or provided to any party until the information is fully edited or deleted.
      If any incorrect personal information has been used or provided by TLBU, this will be rectified directly.
  • Personal information closed or deleted by the user’s request will be processed in accordance with Article 3 (Retention and Usage Period of Personal Information).
  • Access to the information, however, can be restricted under the provision of Article 35 Clause 5 of the Act, and requests to cease processing can be denied under the provision of Article 37 Clause 2 of the law. In addition, deletion will not be allowed in cases which the personal information is specified as information to be collected by other regulations.

Article 8. Disposal of Personal Information
TLBU saves personal information in accordance with its internal policy and related regulations for a certain period and then disposes of such information when the purpose of processing the information has been fulfilled.

Article 9. Procedures and methods for destroying personal information
• In principle, personal information that has been achieved for personal information processing purposes shall be destroyed without delay. Provided, That this may not be the case where it is to be preserved in accordance with other Acts and subordinate statutes.
• Procedure, deadline, and method of destruction are as follows.
1. Destruction procedure: Personal information is immediately moved to a separate space after achieving the purpose and stored for a certain period of time in accordance with internal policies and other relevant statutes. Personal information moved to a separate space is not used for any other purpose unless it is under the law.
2. Destruction period: If the retention period expires, or personal information becomes unnecessary, such as achieving the purpose of processing personal information, or abolishing the relevant work, it shall be destroyed without delay.
3. Destruction method: Electronic file type information uses a technical method that cannot be played back. Interpersonal information printed on paper is shredded with a shredder or destroyed through incineration.

Article 10. Personal Information Protection Managers

TLBU has assigned personal information protection managers and people in charge as follows in order to protect personal information and handle complaints regarding personal information.

       (Personal Information Protection Managers in Accordance to Article 31 Clause 1 of the Personal Information Protect Act)
Chief Manager of Personal Information Person in Charge of Protecting Personal Information
Office General Affairs Computer Divsion
Name SONG Chang-Hyuk SONG Jong-Hee
Phone   031) 960-1003   031) 960-1058
e-mail changhyuk@tlbu.ac.kr wind1200@tlbu.ac.kr    

TLBU Policy on Visual Data Processing Devices

This policy contains the information on how visual data are used and managed by TLBU.

Article 1. Purpose and legal basis for installation of Visual Data Processing Devices
TLBU install and manage Visual Data Processing Devices for the purpose of prevention of fire and protection of the facilities at TLBU in accordance with Article 25 paragraph 1 of Personal Data Protection Law of Korea.

Article 2. Location, coverage and number of devices.
• Number of Installed Devices : 33(30 within the TLBU buildings / 3 at the entry points to TLBU)
• Location and Coverage : Lobbies and corridors within the buildings, inside the elevators and Entrances to the building.

Article 3. Authorized person to manage the devices
An authorized TLBU staff is responsible for the protection of personal visual data and deals with complaints regarding the data.
The authorized personnel : Song Jong Hee, Manager at Computer Division(031-960-1058)

Article 4. Duration of operation and storage, location of devices stored and management
• Duration of operation : 24 hours
• Duration of recorded data kept : 7 days
• Location of recorded data kept : Security Offices and Dorm Supervor’s Office
• Management: All applications for use, provision to 3rd parties, deletion and/or review of personal visual data are kept in record for proper management. At the expiration of storage period, the data are erased permanently in such a manner that the deleted data may not be retrieved. Printed materials containing the data are shredded and/or incinerated.

Article 5. Inspection of Personal Visual Data and location thereof
• Personal access : Individual application for access to visual data is required.
• Location for review : At place(s) where CCTV devices are installed and the data are stored.

Article 6. Rights to access the data
Anyone has the right to access and review his or her personal visual data and the right to request the manager such data be erased only if such data is necessary to prove or clarify the damage incurred to life or body of the people or property filmed by the devices. TLBU will take measures in accordance with the relevant laws of Korea if such requests for access, review or deletion have been made.

Article 7. The safety and protection of the visual data
The visual data processed by TLBU are encrypted and managed in such a manner to ensure the protection of the personal data. The data can be accessed by the authorized persons only for proper management of the data and the permissions to access the data are given according to strict compliance with the rules. To prevent the data from being changed or forged without authorization, TLBU keeps the record of dates, time and objectives of all personal visual data created and the person who ahve made an access to data. TLBU has also installed proper physical lock equipment and devices for safe storage of the data.

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