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Degree Programs


New Master Degree System of TLBU in Seoul

1. Basic program

One year in Seoul and one year in USA for LLM of US law schools (Temple and Drexel and others).
The second year of TLBU Master Degree program : most credits of the second year should be transferred from LLM of US law school. After 2 years study, students expect to get two master degrees: Master Degree of TLBU, and LLM of US Law School. (so far Temple University Law School and Drexel University law School agreed.)

2. Accommodation

Since Temple University Law School and Drexel Law School are in Philadelphia, TLBU in US ( West Atlantic City, NJ, USA : 1 hour distance from Philadelphia) should provide accommodation of students.

3. Payment of tuition

      a. Temple and Drexel LLM tuition 33,000$, and 20% scholarship, and considering insurance and others, students should pay around 29-30,000$.
           a) Students should pay 17,000$.
           b)TLBU in US provides 12,000$ or more as loan. (students will pay back after study for certain years- friendly conditions for student's situation.)
      b. Accommodation price: TLBU in US supports.

4. Temple University Law School's agreement

      a. Basic agreement :
           a) Temple Law School will accept TLBU admitted students on the condition of one year study in Seoul and through Temple's simple admission procedure.
           b) No limit of number of students.
           c) English : after one year study in TLBU, simple English test, and if student's English level is so low, Temple provides 3 months English program before the beginning of LLM program.
           d) Temple University Law School provides 20% scholarship.
      b. Temple Law School welcomes LLM partnership with TLBU.
      c. Term: 5 years, and MOU will be renewed again.

5. Drexel University Law School's agreement

Drexel Law School's cooperation terms are similar to Temple's.

6. Accommodation fee to TLBU for 2 years: the same-12,000$

We advise 4,000$ to TLBU in Seoul, and 8,000$ to TLBU in US) – TLBU will continue to provide full scholarship for tuition, and only accommodation 6,000$ per year (12,000$ for 2 years.

7. Special opportunity for students who want LLM and more in US.

      a. One year study in TLBU in Seoul should be very good training and preparation for LLM in US.
      b. One year study in English should improve your English level substantially.


S.J.D.(Doctoral) Program

The SJD is the highest degree offered by the TLBU Graduate School of Law. Candidates for the doctorate degree undertake coursework, research, field studies and develop a concentrated research dissertation. Because of our expectation of outstanding scholarship, TLBU is very selective in accepting candidates to the program and only applicants with exemplary credentials are considered.
Admission is based upon the applicant’s academic qualifications, scholarly potential, dissertation topic, and personal virtue and character.


Tutor System

Each SJD student will have monthly reading assignments in accordance to his/her area of focus. Extensive reports and presentations based upon such reading assignments are to be submitted on a monthly basis. Participation in coursework will be conducted in small groups and extensive one-on-one consultations with a supervising professor ensure personalized academic growth.

Special Lectures

SJD students will attend various special lectures at TLBU covering modern trends in law, policy, culture, and business. International and regional government officials, experts and scholars share practical “real-world” knowledge and insight through TLBU Special Lectures. SJD students will be able to put their legal knowledge in the broader context of actual application and interaction with other social, cultural, political, and economic frameworks.

Field Studies

TLBU Graduate School of Law provides Field Studies in Europe for its students. Once in-depth coursework is completed, first-hand exposure to international organizations provides invaluable experience for TLBU graduates. Students will meet with international experts, tour facilities, and study the backdrop behind the policies, procedures and mechanisms of international organizations.

Case Study

Every semester, candidates are given a case assignment in accordance with their area of focus. The study of the actual implementation of international laws, regulations, and policies, in real-world conflicts is an important aspect of the TLBU SJD program. Students are expected not only to hone their analytical and advocacy skills, but to become fully proficient with all forms of dispute resolution.

Research Assignments

All graduates of the TLBU SJD Program must be skilled in legal research and analysis. The ability to locate and discern relevant sources of information is emphasized through comprehensive research assignments. Ultimately, the development of a quality SJD dissertation depends heavily on a student’s ability to efficiently and effectively conduct systematic research.

Teaching Internships

The ability to comprehend and analyze complex international legal systems is further developed at TLBU through Teaching Internships. Students will develop coursework and materials, and administer lectures based upon their area of focus. In addition to providing training for students interested in becoming qualified professors, Teaching Internships require students to fully grasp a subject area and develop their own expressions of the details and mechanisms of that topic.

Course of Study

In most cases, candidates will complete the SJD coursework in two years. Candidates must earn at least a “B” average, and must also complete substantial independent research and writing. After completion of the coursework, candidates must successfully defend and complete a dissertation to earn the SJD diploma.


Full scholarships will be extended to all accepted candidates, covering tuition, room & board, and limited stipends for foreign research & field studies.


In principle, all candidates are to reside at the TLBU Graduate School of Law throughout their SJD studies.

Who May Apply

In principle, holders of a Masters of Law degree from the TLBU Graduate School of Law are given highest priority for SJD admissions.