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Grades & Exams


Master of Laws Program - Subject Description

  Grading System

Grade G.P.A.
A+ 4.5
AO 4.0
B+ 3.5
BO 3.0
C+ 2.5
CO 2.0
D+ 1.5
DO 1.0
F Fail / 0
P Pass


Each student will be issued a Transcript of Academic Performance that will list for each course completed: letter grade earned, number of credits earned, and grade point average. Official transcripts may be requested in person. Transcripts will not be released if there are outstanding obligations not cleared.

  Degree, Certificate, and Failure

In order to complete the graduate law program at the TLBU Graduate School of Law in Seoul, students will have to maintain satisfactory academic progress, as well as make significant efforts towards personal virtue and character. Students unable to comply with the academic and behavioral standards will be asked to leave the program and will be disqualified from consideration for any TLBU program at any TLBU campus. The Master Degree in Laws will be awarded only to students with a grade point average of C (2.5) or higher. If a student completes this program with below a C (2.5) average, he/she will be awarded only the certificate of completion of the TLBU graduate law course. An “Official Academic Warning” will be issued to any student who completes a semester with 1.8 or below. Official Academic Warnings issued to any student for two consecutive semesters will be grounds for expulsion. The Doctoral Program at TLBU will confer a SJD Degree in Law. It will prepare qualified candidates to conduct high-caliber research and become experts in their chosen field.

  Class Attendance and Participation

1. Attendance : Attendance is mandatory for all courses and lectures. Students must notify the Academic Affairs Office and professor, in advance if possible, of extended absences. A student who misses a seminar’s first meeting without the instructor’s permission may be administratively dropped.

ⓐ A student whose cumulative unexcused absences from a course, seminar, or whose attendance record falls below 70%, or who is habitually late to any semester, will not receive a passing grade for that class and may be excluded from the final examination or any other further participation. Such a student will receive a failing grade.

ⓑ A student who, without permission from the Dean or the Dean’s designate, has not attended any classes in a certain unexcused period may be expelled from TLBU.

2. Warnings of excessive absences : A student who has been warned by an instructor of excessive absences, and whose absences continue, may be excluded from the final examination and/or any other further participation in the course, seminar, or lecture. Such a student will receive a failing grade. A warning under this paragraph may be communicated orally or in writing. Any petition to the Academic Standards Committee for readmission to the course, seminar, or lecture will face a heavy presumption against readmission.

3. Preparation and classroom participation: Preparation of class assignments and informed participation in class discussion are expected of every student.

  Graduate Thesis for Master Degree in Laws

Master Degree candidates will need to submit a written thesis to qualify for graduation.

1. Students should select an appropriate professor to supervise their thesis no later than the end of their first semester.

2. During their second semester, students must submit a thesis proposal which will be reviewed by the faculty. If required, thesis proposals may be “defended” by live presentation and interview prior to approval. Once approved, students will independently prepare their final thesis dissertation.

3. Submission of the final thesis will be due during the first four weeks of the student’s fourth semester. NOTE that it is the student’s responsibility to comply with all scheduling and submission deadlines relating to the graduate thesis.